Factory introduction

Tianjin Jiama Electrical Submersible Pump Co., Ltd is located in Nankai Industry Estate, it belongs to Tranful Group, follows a general manager responsibility system. Company includes technology department, production department, logistics and storage department, sales and after-sales service department.

2004, Tranful Group invested 20 million RMB reorganize Tianjin Jiama Machinery Factory, our scope of business is research and development of naphtha submersible fuel pumps.Technicians are senior researchers who have been dedicated to research, manufacture and quality control of electrical petroleum submersible pumps for years. After decade of hard work, Tianjin Jiama Machinery Factory have achieved incredible results, now we have thousands of users, annual sales over thirty million RMB. In 2012, Tianjin Jiama Machinery Factory have changed its name to Tianjin Jiama Electrical Submersible Pumps Co., Ltd.

Our products have been referred as “Lvpai” submersible fuel pumps due to our registered trademark. Tianjin Jiama Electrical Submersible Pump Co., Ltd owns many patents, also have obtained Certificate of Explosion Protection, National Industrial Manufacture License and ISO9001 Quality Management System Certificate. Lvpai submersible pumps have been listed as Tianjin Scientific Research Project and Independent Innovation-Oriented Product, received government funding many times. Experts from Tianjin Science and Technology Committee points out that our products have reached the domestic leading leveland have reached the same level of performance as foreign products, can be used as replacement for foreign products. Our high capacity submersible pumps have reached international leading level, have been referred to China Ministry of Science and Technology for project establishment by Tianjin Science and Technology Committee.

For decade, our products have been supported by CNCP and Sinopec, installed in many motor way gas stations, appointed as the only submersible pump brand to use by Sinopec Shanxi branch; installed in CNPC Lan Zheng Cheng refine oil pipeline and gas station which located 200 meters away from China border in north of Mohe City. Installed in Angola Railway which near equator. Lvpai submersible pumps are the only power supply for Censtar high capacity dispensers (400L/Min –1000L/Min). China University of Petroleum is planning to add Lvpai submersible fuel pumps into their textbook for storage and transport process. Company director was elected as the deputy director of the National Federation of Petroleum Industry Association Fuelling Equipment Specialized Committee in charge of technology development.

Tianjin Jiama Electrical Submersible Pumps Co., Ltd has 48 workers, 8 technicians and 4 separate workshops. Lvpai submersible fuel pumps have eight series and hundreds of models: standard (fuel stations), frequency conversion, high lift, high capacity, loading arms, self-adaption, chemical, AdBlue.

Over 10,000 units of Lvpai submersible pumps have been installed in different kinds of fuel distribution sites across China, include fuelstations (CNPC, Sinopec and privately owned stations), motor way service areas, railways, tank farms, airports, railway trestles, docks, chemical factories, dieselpower stations, emergency generators for large data center and factory production lines.


2015, vice-president of Gilbarco Veeder-Root and Franklin discussed the possibility of cooperation with us. Each year new models of submersible pump are being developed. At the moment, we are participating in the writing of China submersible pumps national standard.

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